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artist ink drawing wales

Jasmine Violet began their professional artistic journey in the Welsh art scene after finishing art school in 2020. Since then, Jasmine  have participated in a number of collaborative projects and have exhibited their work throughout Wales and the UK. 

Jasmine-Violet graduated from Carmarthen School Of Art In 2020 and has two pieces of work in the National Library of Wales Contemporary Art Collection.

As an artist, Jasmine Violet has always been influenced by the psyche, identity, and subconscious thought. Jasmine also delves into the theme of mental health within her work, as well as exploring her identity as a black woman within both Welsh and British culture.

Jasmine would describe herself as an interdisciplinary Artist, as her work ranges from Polaroid photography to experimental Cyanotypes Printmaking to oil painting.

Jasmine Violet believes in constantly taking risks, pushing boundaries and questioning narratives. To find out more about their philosophy, feel free to get in touch.

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