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Whys The Microwave On Fire Jasmine?

So, I wanted to try out a Polaroid technique I had briefly skimmed over in one of my books. by putting a Polaroid in a microwave, it's an interesting effect on the image by melting and disrupting the images Exposed on the emulsion.

so I thought “ awesome, sure. I'll try this technique” as I chucked the Polaroid straight into the microwave and pressed the button to start 30 seconds. as I walk a few feet away to grab my drink, I smell smoke and see sparks fly out the microwave. tripping over myself trying to get back to the microwave, I fling the door open and the whole room fills with smoke. turns out you have to wrap it in a damp kitchen towel and sandwich it with a plate to contain the reaction.


Though it bent out of shape quite badly, the actual effect on the image is quite interesting. it was originally a picture of a candle and I ended up calling the piece ‘burnt out’ the expression for the mental fatigue I'm feeling at the moment.

I'll probably try out the method again but not anytime soon as my housemate has banned me from using the microwave for art purposes. to be honest I don't blame them, bad jasmine.

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