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Tripod Time

So I invested in the tripod to hopefully try and get some full body and profile shots of myself using the long exposure. it was actually harder then I thought it would be, Polaroid cameras or angles slightly upwards so I had to make sure I'm locked out where I needed to be before taking a photo. I also faced this issue with wanting to take photos of myself standing further than arm's reach as I needed to press the button to activate the shutter to open on the shutter to close. it also made me realise how short I am. I was so confident i had made a stunning full head and shoulders shot on the first image, turns out not. even though it came out successful ill have to get better at preparing the shot before taking it.

I had a look online to see if there were options for an external button or timed shutter attachment. When researching I found that MiNT-CAMERAS do a self-timer at the price of £49 plus postage.

I was also able to find A remote shutter button on eBay which is shipped from Hong Kong which was under £20. Self-timer I would be really useful it is at the top of my price range and I'll probably end up going for the remote shutter button as It is 2m but you request a custom length and it is the cheaper price.

Links to buttons

MiNT self(ie) timer

Remote shutter button

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