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The Introvert Method

Updated: Jun 3, 2020

It was a beautiful sunny day today but unfortunately, my anxiety had me not wanting to venture outside. So me being me, I found the way to adapt to this. Do you know what I found around the house, I was able to attach cyanotypes to the windows where the most light was shining through. because it wasn't direct sunlight all the time, I left them to be exposed longer than they would if I was outside.

I also use my front door as it has quite a large pane of glass and gets a good amount of sunlight most of the day. By doing this so actually created a happy accident because the frosting on the glass created a pattern throughout the developed cyanotype. So it lost its definition the sense of trying to recognise the familiar comes across a lot stronger. I feel like I'm probably going to go forward with the Theme of dissociation, Loss and absence


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