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No Time To Be Ill We've gotta Party

Updated: Jun 3, 2020

So I'm back from my journey down to Maidenhead for my mum's fiance's surprise birthday party. which I did not realise it was actually a surprise birthday party and was lucky I didn't ruin it. I was hoping it was going to be an opportunity for me to take photos of my family as it was one of the very few times we are all in one house. most of my family is spread out across the United Kingdom make it hard for us all to come together but we managed to do it to surprise him on that day.

my aim was to show the connections between everyone at the party, who live completely separate lives across the UK. To give that sense of togetherness and all coming to one to celebrate another.

There’s definitely a tradition in black culture when it comes to parties. from the array of music from reggae to dance hall to R&B, the incredible amount of food that is prepared and also brought by guests. or trying to get everyone to be quiet as the birthday boy is entering the house. Hell.

unfortunately, after a day of being down in Maidenhead, I got a terrible cold. Is really tampered of my ability to get out and take photos during the party. This COVID-19 seeming to be getting serious and I didn't want to risk others just in case. it is disappointing that illness had affected my plans but being able to adapt was important I'm happy with the photos I took.

I mainly focused on my mum and my brother as I noticed overall I haven't really focused on them in my practice. this may be because as I have spent most of my life with them I feel a strong connection and comfort. Whereas my other siblings share a different mum and moved up north when they were younger. This makes me wish I had made more of an effort just see them and visit during that time and be a big sister. maybe this is why I felt the need to reflect this in my art.

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