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life in black and white...

I got some black and white film at the weekend, and I've been taking my camera around with me on my ventures. Like the colour film I wanted to look at long-exposure and see what traces can create.The black and white film completely different type of taste in comparison to the colour. it's more ghostly and a lot more sensitive in comparison to the dark colours of the coloured film I didn't long exposure.

the self-portrait among the photos below really helps portray how I'm feeling in my head and how I feel when I dissociate. A constant back and subconscious control.

when portraying my friends again I got them to move around as the film was exposed causing what you can see is almost two faces or a merge faces. the blurring and lack of clarity Links to my lack of certainty on similarity I get when having an episode.

my work has definitely become more surreal and looks less at form and more about the feel. With how I have been feeling recently, these ghostly Polaroid shows the absence of mind and traces leading me back to the familiar

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