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Death Of Yasmine


Death of Yasmin

Daughter of freedom

emerged in

yet separate from mother's love.

Your lifeless body lifted,

placed inside the warm earth.

A mother's task complete,


yet unfilled.

Bits left undone,


Too late now

too late to become those things

you would become,

done those things

you would have done.

Mother's hopes

when you were small.

Now you are grown

and gone

gone from the conflicts

of human life


gone from the conflicts

gone from human life


At your end

remembered you were

about to begin.

And find yourself.

Find yourself in the adult world.

Find yourself in the world

of responsibility,



Your young years

now soaked in

mother's tears.

Mother not allowed

to watch you grow

from seedling

into flower.

The pain of parting

for good.

The pain of parting.

The pain.

The pain of mother's love

for daughter.

The pain of mother's love

The pain of love

remains a sharp edge

of your memory.

wow, what a poem. I discovered this when I first was in wales. it was around some of the many books, my dad. the book was called sojourn edited by Zhana, and it is an anthology of prose and property reflecting black women in Britain today. This book is amazing, and at the time I found it this poem gave me a lot to think.

when I first moved to was I was very ill mentally and physically. wanting to take my life wasn't something new to me, and I had been in the mental health system for almost 5 years at this point. when you are in that headspace you don't think outside your own head, I didn't at least. I never thought about the effect it would have on though to leave behind.

after reading this poem I contemplated the stress and sadness I have caused my family. thinking about my siblings' id be leaving behind. this is what keeps me going. I do it for them.

never suffer in silence,

people love you

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